May 2017 News


I learned this month that one of my personal essays will be published by a literary magazine that I like and respect. It seemed like a bit of a long shot when I first submitted it. After four months of waiting, I was starting to lose hope.

I found out that I got an acceptance during a staff meeting at work. I glanced down at my phone, and there it was. They said they loved it, and there was no “but” afterwards. They will publish it in June. I literally started crying with surprise and gratitude.

Anyone who has ever been in a writing workshop with me has probably read this piece in one form or another. I’ve worked on it for years. It has been the hardest piece to finish and the scariest to share. And now I can finally be done with it–let it fly out into the world.

Now I’ve moved on to working on some new essays. It seems the hardest essays to write end up being the best, so I’m holding onto hope that I’ll make some breakthroughs this summer with a couple pieces that have been keeping me up at night.

Spring has Sprung

The spring 2017 semester is coming to a close, and I’m buzzing with all the energy that the possibility of the summer brings–time to read, write, golf, hike, camp, attend music festivals, work out, travel, see my friends and family, and think, “what’s next?”

For the past seven years, I’ve been the director of a local arm of a national non-profit for educators, all while teaching 8-9 college writing courses per year. I loved the work of leading the Denver Writing Project and made some of my closest friends through that experience. I both wanted to give another colleague the chance to lead the organization and to create space for a new adventure in my creative/professional life.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.55.51 PM

But as the semester ends, I have this intense feeling that I need to do everything right now–I need to write, freelance, and publish more, improve my classes for next fall, work out, fix everything that needs fixing at the house, go back to grad school for a second advanced degree, and so on. I always seem to want to conquer the world immediately, when I know I need to just take a few breaths and patiently wait for clarity about what comes next so that I can be certain I am making a rational decision.

Sometimes the hardest decision is to wait and see.

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